Revisit Little Sicily!

Little Sicily - by Dr. Bruce P. Zummo



The Little Sicily neighborhood on Chicago's Near North Side was populated in the early 20th century by working-class Italian immigrants. Living was hard, amenities were few, and work was backbreaking. But these perservering newcomers were committed to their families, their community, their church . . . and the American Dream.


Born and raised in Little Sicily, Dr. Bruce Zummo vividly recalls the unique and inspiring story of the community. In his book, "Little Sicily," Dr. Zummo goes beyond the social history to expose the greed and prejudice of self-seeking politicians whose misuse of the powers of eminent domain transformed this cohesive, thriving community into the concrete jungle known as Cabrini Green.


"The early inhabitants did the best they could with what they had. They had little but decidedly accomplished much. They believed in the impossible: The American Dream. And in the incredible came true. We are the benefactors of thier prayers and their total effort." From "Little Sicily." by Dr. Bruce P. Zummo, 2001.


* From Community to Ghetto

* A Thorn in a Garden of Roses: Little Sicily

* In Pursuit of the American Dream

* Life and Customs in Little Sicily

* Social Forces in Little Sicily

* Gangs and Crime

* Little Sicily: Slum or Paradise?

* The Great Depression

* Sports and Recreation in Little Sicily